Debbie Bliss Fall Magazine – Dreams do come true

14/08/2012 · 10 comments

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A year ago I went to a book signing – it was in the presence of my knitting hero – Debbie Bliss. Before the signing started she walked through the yarn shop and it was as if Madonna (of the knitting world) had walked by. Seriously, if you know nothing about knitting she is the Queen of British knitting. If you have ever wanted a friend of yours to make a sweet little beanie hat for your new-born baby, it is because you have spotted a Debbie Bliss pattern on another child.

If you have ever returned to knitting after a long absence, it is probably because you have seen a Debbie Bliss pattern and felt, actually I want to make that! All the most beautiful jumpers for little people in this country, are influenced by her use of colour and simplicity of design.

So back to the story, my friend J came with me to the book signing and said, ‘If you don’t tell her you are a crochet designer, I will and that will embarrass you.’ So completely against my character and better judgement I introduced myself to my hero, stuttered quite a lot and got chatting. Funny thing is she is the nicest, modest, encouraging person you could meet.

A few months later I sent Debbie a copy of an interview I did in Inside Crochet magazine, which talked about her influence on my work and British knitting. She replied and asked if I would like to design some animal inspired children’s hats for her Fall magazine. I literally jumped around the study with excitement. Then the reality kicked in. Oh my goodness what am I going to do!

So here you are – my designs in the Fall/Winter issue of Debbie Bliss magazine. Owl Hat and Mittens, Panda Hat and Mittens, Penguin hat and Scarf and Fox hat and mittens. I do hope you like them. Later this week I will talk about the inspiration and some of the process behind them. The photo-shoot taken on location in Poland is utterly beautiful. If you see a copy of the magazine in your newsagent or yarn store, do have a look and check out all the wonderful patterns inside. What can I say – a dream come true. An honour and a joy.

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