Valentine Love

14/02/2011 · 2 comments

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I can remember the times in my life when I could have cheerfully wished Valentine’s day away to the other side of the moon – well it might well have been a decade or more. But nothing quite compares to the hilarious blow I had in the car this week. Driving Little B home at the end of the week. I asked casually, ‘Did you have a nice day sweetie’. (You have to be casual, because even at his young age he sounds like a teenager – getting information really is like getting blood from a stone). Unusually he answered;

Little B: ‘Yes, great fun. We made Valentine’s cards today!’

Mummy: ‘Oh darling, how wonderful! Who did you make it for?’ – I know, leading question…

Little B: ‘I had to choose someone I love’.

Mummy: ‘Yes, that totally right!’

Little B: ‘So I chose Daddy, I really love him!’

Silence….smirk….(thinks –  gosh its a while since I felt like I was 18 again)

Mummy: ‘That’s right, I really love him too!’

Kids. You gotta love them! Whatever kind of day it is for you, have a good one x

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