A Gingerbread House…for a mouse


The past few weeks have been busy work weeks, long days and full of the traditional plate spinning. The crochet making has been very much at the end of the day. A couple of rows here and there.

But…but…I have had a yearning for a new (old) idea. A little gingerbread house. A gingerbread house just right for a mouse. These are the sort of projects that help me drift off to sleep in the night. What kind of base shall I use ? A plastic…no…I have loads of cardboard. What yarn shall I use? Cotton? No… The correct answer was staring at me. It had to be Stylecraft Special DK in Gingerbread. Sometimes I wonder what my yarn shop must think of me. I go in and buy a ball of brown, cream and pink…what on earth are you making!

When I began designing for the Houseplants book I strode to the till of Black Sheep Wools with 17 balls of green. All different. They know now not to bat an eyelid.

‘What are you making now Emma?’

‘Oh a book of Houseplants’.

‘Of course you are…. (an eye brow is raised by the customer behind…overheard at the yarn shop).


So when I return home with my random balls of wool, I begin to stitch as soon as I can. I had already worked out the size of the house panels. Years ago, 2015 to be exact, I designed a little dolls house for the fabulous Inside Crochet Magazine. I loved this house. The original was given to a little girl who I adore and she had many hours of fun play with it. I haven’t made a second since. But I have always known I would improve it. Coincidently it is one of my most pinned images on Pinterest. That has always put a bookmark in my mind that I should return to it.

I finished my gingerbread house yesterday and had fun decorating it with some surface slip stitch and some buttons. This Christmas I see that huge bows are making a come-back to I thought it would be fun to make a huge bow for this little door.

At this stage I haven’t finished the interior. I will do that hopefully this week. But me being me….I have made a little inhabitant. Peep-bo…


So there you go, midnight imaginings of a crocheter. Old ideas revisited to create new seasonal decorations. The little girl is still inside the head of this much older crafter.

4 thoughts on “A Gingerbread House…for a mouse”

  1. Karen Dodgson

    Oh that’s so lovely! I crocheted my own gingerbread house many years ago, mine is glued to a cardboard inner with a roof that lifts off, and I love it so much. I did try to crochet a little gingerbread man to live inside but couldn’t get the proportions right. Your little mouse looks perfectly at home x

  2. Sacha Sunter

    Hi Emma
    I would love to crochet these for grandchildren this Christmas! Could you please offer a pdf in your shop asap so we can get started. Merry Christmas all.

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