January traditions and updates


Whilst January is a month of new starts… new promises… new/old intensions, I like to squeeze in a few little January traditions. Firstly, catching up with good friends. Whilst Christmas can be a whirlwind, I do like to sprinkle a few ‘catching up’ with pals in the diary. Last weekend I indulged in seeing my yarny best friends for our traditional laughter-advice and wisdom session. It would not be easy to speak so consistently about yarn, knitting and crochet with many other people. Understandably some of my other good friends would reach for a telephone for distraction. But when I see my crafting besties – the conversation is in full flow and the fingers are moving just as fast as we work on our current project. By the end of our time together my creative tank is full, and I drive home with new ideas and resolve.


In the dark weekends of January, I also love to indulge in the sticky alchemy of Marmalade making. This year I have less time to squeeze in all the batches I want to make. But I did manage to make to different types. A tawny – using the whole oranges in method and a dark and thick cut, especially for my Dad. Every year the same recipe is used and yet…every year there is a different result. But that this the fun of it. Homemade marmalade on toast is surely one of the greatest delicacies. It would ideally be on a toasted white bloomer with salted butter which is melted ever so slightly. Toast is such a rib and hip sticker that I ration myself to almost just once a month indulgence. But then it does mean I can nearly eek out the marmalade to last a full year.


So, this weekend I will be seeing some other fab friends – and I hope to take some lovely photos. I cannot wait to have lighter days so I can take a few better photos. I know I wanted to mention to you two very exciting things. Firstly, if you read Inside Crochet magazine, my second of the monthly columns is in. This month I am talking about being inspired by fashion. If you do read it, I would love to hear what you think. This February issue is particularly good. There are some really fab garments. There is also a great Vintage Cushion supplement and one of my designs is in. A lovely cosy round cushion.

emma-varnam-cute-crocheted-food-shortlist- award

I just heard the my lovely little book Cute Crocheted Food has been shortlisted for the Creative Book Awards. I am so thrilled. This book was so much fun to create and it made me smile everyday during the design process. It is lovely to think about other people enjoying it. I will keep you updated on how we do. But honestly there are some fabulous books shortlisted so it is just a thrill to be in excellent company.


Finally My latest book arrived in the post this week: 10,000 Crocheted Hats! I know…. Really – yes really. The combination of different, brims, main hat section and crowns multiplies up toe 10,000. I started the projects in February last year and so it is amazing to see the book now. I promise to share more about the book next week, but in the meantime – thank you so much for popping into the blog and having a January catch up.