Patch Passion

I have been inspired by patchwork for such a long time. Seriously it is the craft I would love to do – but I don’t. Why? I mean I love it so much and I understand the basics. I have even done some English piecing when I was young (you know covering little paper hexagons with fabric and sewing them together). Yet I never seem to carve out the time.

I had lovely memories of a house I used to visit as a child. The mother of a friend had made beautiful hand stitched patchwork curtains for every room. They were mesmeric. Very beautiful and such a labour of love. When we first moved to our current house I decided to make a patchwork curtain for the spare room. I really can’t believe I had the dedication. But it is rather special and has fabrics which belong to treasured clothing, pieces of embroidery from old pyjamas. It is these memory scraps which make it so beautiful. And yet that was the last time I did any patchwork.

But the patterns, the traditional blocks are so inspiring. The combination of simple shapes to create a new pattern. They really lend themselves to our crochet craft. I literally have about 5 blankets in my head that I would like to do.

The Stargazer is really popular and I love that so many people have downloaded the pattern. Currently in use in these cold days it brings so much joy. But then my next adventure has just been in a recent issue of Inside Crochet. the Hexagon Blanket is so fresh and joyful and so reminiscent of traditional granny flower patterns it is wonderful used as a bed spread. A number of years ago I designed a Scandi inspired blanket in browns, yellows and ochres. It was my first play at traditional quilt patterns. I really enjoyed the pattern, but have re-worked the colours in blues and pinks – colours which I am very fond of. I think if you remake a large pattern, you really do need a bit of space so that you can enjoy the making journey again.

I have come to the conclusion that I am not sewing patch work because crochet for me as a much quicker craft – and if I am honest it is much more mobile. So what is on the hook now? Back before Christmas I was inspired to star making a scrappy pattern. I have used the smallest squares of Bellissima and Bambino as a central pattern. The pattern was inspired by the new quilt book by ‘Quilt Alchemy’ by American artist Sara Larson Buscaglia. You can see her work on instagram as Farm and Folk.

Honestly I think I need to say that the quilt inspired designs are not always plain sailing. This design definitely has fiddly sewing-in elements. I enjoy working half-and-half Granny Squares, but they are not everyone’s jam. Finally since taking this photo I have decided that I do not like the beige colour and have switched to my faithful blue. So there has been some quite severe ripping back. That might explain why I haven’t quite finished this project yet.

So even though I can’t get into sewing Quilts…luckily one of my lovely and brilliant friends is a fabulous quilter. You can find her on Instagram here. For my birthday. She presented me with this beautiful quilted bag. Isn’t it just simply gorgeous! It even has a liberty print liner. I can’t tell you how excited I am to use it this weekend. Whilst I am not quilting I am still surrounded by clever people who are and the inspirational patterns and that I can bring to life in yarn. All I need to do is to get those 5 other pattern ideas out of my head and onto the hook.

I wonder if you have a craft you keep meaning to take up – but just don’t seem to be able to divert your time. Is it just better to admire from afar?

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  1. I keep meaning to get back to doing Tapestry/Needlepoint. It’s been on my mind for the last few years – I even got my Tapestry Frame out of the wardrobe – and I just haven’t got round to it. I think it’s a combination of apprehension and time constraints – if I’m doing this, I’m not doing that!! I loved doing it when I was younger and know that I still would, but I just can’t put my hook down!

    1. Thank you Simon, I just love the brilliant Kaffe Fassett designs… I almost feel the draw to get another one – but oh my I have too many things I should be doing. Thank you for leaving a comment

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