Lemon Drizzle and Laughs

In the middle of a fun packed day on Saturday, which started with a child’s party and ended with dinner with lovely friends, Little B embarked upon some baking. He has been begging me to cook for a while and luckily time and ingredients coincided at the weekend.

There was A LOT of mess, quite a lot of ‘divaesque’; ‘I just can’t do this!’ but alot of laughter. The most exciting thing it appears is cracking the eggs and stirring them in.

But what really absorbed him was washing up at the end of our session. Quietly he stood on a kitchen chair, singing away to himself as he sploshed through the bowls, spoons and cups.

I stood watching and musing ‘When does washing up turn from fun into a chore?’ Later as I sorted through the draining board I got my answer, ‘When you need something to be clean!’

So much fun, and a yummy end… Mmm

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