The Gawthorpe Hall collection ~ the reveal ~ The Soldier’s Quilt Cushion


I am so excited to reveal this design. You might remember me telling you about a blissful day spent at Gawthorpe Hall in Lancashire last October. The curators of the textile collection had invited a number of designers to create new patterns inspired by the wonderful textile collection.


I immediately honed in on one of the most striking pieces on display, the wonderfully emotive Soldiers Quilt. I can’t deny that the colour combinations really appealed to me, but following years of caring for military museum collections, I am fully aware of the significance of recycled red tunic. The stitches are so small, and the thickness of the material means that each square is slightly raised.


I knew that I wanted to replicate this geometric pattern, but each square should have the raised texture of the quilt. When you look at this quilt there were lots of little sections I could have extracted. I chose to pick out a vintage pastel centre, mirroring a faded charm. I do hope you like it.


I must admit that I was rather daunted by the thought that this actual cushion will now be accessioned into a museum collection. I was a very ‘good’ girl with my finishing. I can’t bear the thought of curators from the future, shaking their heads with shoddy sewing. In honour of my friend Debbie Bliss I chose the classic Debbie Bliss Rialto DK for my yarn.


The other designers have made some fantastic creations. Debbie Bliss created this lovely needle case inspired by a ticking embroidery sampler. So pretty.


Jane Ellison did the most amazing job of decoding ancient knitting patterns to create these wonderful accessories.


If you are a crochet fan and a reader of Inside Crochet Magazine then you will be thrilled to see the beautiful artistry of the editor, Claire Montgomerie, this girl has skills! Look at this fine, fine crochet work in her caplet. I am in awe.


There is so much love for Kate Davies design. I love it. Please do go across to her blog to discover the inspiration behind this Tam.

I adored every moment of this project. I was honoured to be asked to add to the collection. I am delighted Gawthorpe Hall Textile collection can now sell these patterns and the proceeds will be used to ensure that this most unique collection will be cared for in the future. If you would like to purchase any of these patterns please visit the Ravelry site.

Meeting the astonishing team at Gawthorpe was a thrill, and sitting in the presence of some of my yarn heroes was just the cherry on the top.


If you would like to read more about this project I have an article about our design journey published in the new Debbie Bliss magazine – it is a gem of an issue.

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