Crafty Valentine Masking Tape Bunting

03/02/2012 · 1 comment

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Oooo I do like a dual purpose craft item. I was so precious about my festive masking tape, I barely used it at all (does not come cheap my friends). But I had a little idea. Little B has adopted ‘I love you Kitten’ so he will not really be a surprise for February 14th. But I do quite like to leave surreptitious notes and surprise messages for Mr V, (if you are Mr V reading this, I know it is too late – but try to act surprised!)

So anyway, a couple of quick minutes with some fancy pants masking tape, a small button, pinking shears and some standard DIY tape as well. I do advise you that it is more fiddly than it looks. Do not attempt folding masking tape when you have either had too much coffee (most days for me) or at 11pm-1am at night. But it is a cheap and thoughtful homemade gesture – always the best kind.

I am thinking of funny places to leave this tiny bunting, currently my favourite options are the car-windscreen or the bathroom mirror. If Mr V’s laptop wasn’t such an integral part of his life I could sneak it on there as a surprise celebration – now that has got me thinking….

Thank you to the fabulous lady at Moth who gave me the twine – it was exactly the right weight – and you are very kind – (truely one of the most beautiful shops in the North of England)

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