Ravelry Revolution

02/02/2011 · 2 comments

in Craft,Crochet,Knitting

I simply must share with you the joy I have found  in really using the Ravelry site. Considering I have been designing patterns for a while I really was an appauling late-comer to this revolution in our little yarn lives. If you have no interest in knitting or crochet then let this blog pass you by. But if you are interested in the ‘open-source’ concept, I think it is a wonderful example of a friendly, fun and generous on-line community.

Virtually everyday I am inspired by patterns uploaded. I have found techniques and ideas I have been searching for for ages. But one of the real joys is seeing the comments on my own patterns which people make. WOW! It totally makes my day. I think when I have seen a pattern of mine in print in a magazine it can be the most amazing feeling, but when I get a couple of ‘heart’ symbols (someone has listed that they like your pattern) then it just makes your own heart soar. The idea of this site my friends is genius. If you have thought about logging on and haven’t, don’t delay – I can’t imagine why I didn’t join before.

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