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There are lots of brilliant things which I enjoy about crochet. I’ll be honest, what I really like is that it allows me do indulge in my playful side. In the last week I have been binge watching a programme on Channel 4 about the Duchess of Northumberland. She has the most amazing imagination and incredible drive. A few years ago we visited her incredible garden at Alnwick and it is the most amazing vision. The television programme charts her two year journey to create a fantasy play space for children. It is obvious from the footage that she has a mind that enjoys thinking about how children play and a desire to spark their imagination. I love that about her!

Frequently when I am designing I try to access the childlike part of my brain and imagine making imaginative items that I would have enjoyed as a little girl. Over 18 months ago Stylecraft yarns asked me to make some items with their organic cotton for a celebratory tea party for the Queen’s Jubilee. I so enjoyed making cakes and biscuits that I began to go down a bit of a crochet food rabbit hole… and so that is how the creative part of my new book began.

I have forgotten to share it over the summer. Mostly due to busyness – but that is a shame because I am so excited about the patterns in this book. For a beginner or someone new to amigurumi I think small engaging projects are really motivating. The graphics which the team have done are so brilliant as well. It has a totally different look to my other books.

Once I have made 25 items…25 count them and written the patterns… I kind of go off making any project which is similar. But then if I had small people to crochet for I might make a range of the food items to add to a play kitchen or pretend garden.

Of all the items that really attract people – the burger and fries really seem to prompt a giggle. I am a fan of the avocado … because its stone tummy pops out!

So – I am glad that we have created this book, the patterns are pretty simple for the beginner and there are more complicated makes like the pineapple if you want to stretch your skill. I try with all my books to make the patterns that I know I want to make. If I start to go back to those patterns for gifts or things for our home…I know it is a success for me. See what you think and do you think there is an item of food I have forgotten?

If you would like to buy a signed copy from me – then there are just a few copies still in the shop… I will also send you a couple of very cool stickers!

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